Take the Renaissance Challenge

Contact us to send you a free eight-gram trial package to compare directly with your current yeast. Winemakers trying them for the first time consistently tell us they can quickly notice the difference between the H2S-contaminated fermentation bouquet of a wine must inoculated with any typical yeast compared to the full, complex aroma and flavour-enabled wine produced with our H2S-preventing wine yeast. 

We recommend that winemakers compare and evaluate both yeast types throughout the entire winemaking process; you will notice very early how the prevention of H2S formation during fermentation could be very helpful in consistently producing the highest-quality wine. We are confident you will notice the difference.

Take the challenge and see! Email us for your free sample at info@renaissanceyeast.com

Open Sensory Quality, No H2S


 Normal S02 Levels, No H2S


 Superior Sensory Attributes  


 Excellent Fermentation Kinetics, No H2S